An intriguing court decision in Indonesia

Indonesia’s constitutional court upheld on Monday a rule that presidential and vice-presidential candidates must be at least 40 years old. But it then carved out an exemption for younger candidates with experience in office.

Where’s the intrigue? 

  • President Widodo’s son (36) is rumoured to be eyeing a run for VP
  • A party now chaired by his other son co-filed the case, and
  • Widodo’s brother-in-law heads up the court that made the decision.

And this all fuels speculation that he’s seeking to establish a political dynasty.

Intrigue’s take: Widodo, who remains popular but is term-limited, continues to shrug off the speculation while declining (🇮🇩) to discuss the court case.

And he himself signed (🇮🇩) the electoral age limit into law back in 2017.

But we won’t have to wait long to see how this all pans out: nominations for February’s general elections open tomorrow (Thursday).

Also worth noting:

  • In explaining its exemption, the court referred to examples of leaders in France and New Zealand being elected while in their 30s.
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