Why Intrigue

International Intrigue is the result of two former diplomats who can’t bear to slog through unintelligible foreign policy articles, soft power theories, or arcane details of trade policy any longer.

What you get for free

We help you make sense of an increasingly volatile world with our clear, irreverent, and concise takes on important global issues we think you might want to know about.
You don’t need to know anything about foreign affairs or geopolitics, but you will need a (forgiving) sense of humour!

Why Intrigue

Meet the Team

The only briefing designed by former diplomats


Former diplomat in Beijing and Shanghai. Mandarin speaker. Helen constantly says my jokes are ‘drier than dust’, but she’ll have to do better than that to stop me.


Former diplomat in Tel Aviv and Hong Kong. Better Mandarin speaker than John, who reminds me that just because I went to Harvard doesn’t mean I’m always right.


Former diplomat in Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Lima. Spanish speaker. Awarded Peru’s Presidential Medal for Distinguished Service for… well, distinguished service.

Aine Stapleton

Growth and Revenue

Former child from New York who chased the warmth to Austin. If you’ve ever met me, I definitely grabbed your phone and signed you up for our newsletter because that’s my job. Once politely described as “very confident for her age.”

Valentina Calvi


I survived not one, but two university degrees focused on international politics and economics. Exhilarated to be the brains behind our daily newsletter. Library-dweller and proud owner of too many books and not enough shelf space.

Taylor Gehrcke
Taylor Gehrcke


Former government, non-profit, and media leader known for turning chaos into well-produced events. With plans that have plans and an eye for perfection, there is no better feeling than a well-produced event.