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Fed raises rates, but uncertainty reigns

The US Federal Reserve increased interest rates by another quarter point on Wednesday, seeking to cool a hot economy without further spooking jittery markets. US rates are now at their highest level since 2007.

Geo-economics 24 March, 2023
Canadian intelligence accuses China of election interference

A Canadian lawmaker has been accused of secretly helping Beijing at the expense of Canadian interests. Toronto-area representative Han Dong has denied wrongdoing, but on Wednesday night agreed to leave the ruling Liberal Party and sit in Parliament as an independent.

Geopolitics 24 March, 2023
US report finds “significant” human rights issues in US partners including India, Taiwan

The US State Department published its annual Human Rights Report on Monday, detailing the human rights situation in 198 countries and territories.

Geopolitics 23 March, 2023
Venezuelan oil minister resigns amid corruption crackdown

Venezuela’s oil minister, Tareck El Aissami, resigned suddenly on Monday amid accusations of corruption at the state oil firm PDVSA. Later that evening, President Nicolás Maduro went on TV to announce a corruption crackdown.

Geo-economics 23 March, 2023