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The geopolitics of UEFA football

With Europe’s UEFA men’s football (sorry, ‘soccer’) championship final happening this Sunday, what better time to have a look at the geopolitics of it all?

Economics 11 July, 2024
Is big tech fuelling a war in Central Africa?

The US State Department issued a ‘Statement of Concern’ on Monday, warning that critical minerals bought from the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda are fuelling the ongoing conflict in Central Africa. 

Africa (Sub-Saharan) 10 July, 2024
Japan and the Philippines sign historic defence deal in response to China

While many of us perhaps kicked off our week with a nice little trip down to Home Depot or a surprisingly productive sync with Barry from sales, ministers from Japan and the Philippines used their Monday to sign a major defence treaty in Manila’s Malacañan Palace: it’s called a ‘Reciprocal Access Agreement’.

Defence & Security 9 July, 2024
Six questions from France’s dramatic parliamentary elections

France’s parliamentary elections produced some big surprises and bigger headlines yesterday (Sunday). Here’s what you need to know.

Europe 8 July, 2024

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Six questions from France’s dramatic parliamentary elections

France’s parliamentary elections produced some big surprises and bigger headlines yesterday (Sunday). Here’s what you need to know.

8 July, 2024
Meet the UK’s new prime minister: Keir Starmer

While Americans spent the 4th of July doubling down on hot-dogs and freedom, Brits elected Sir Keir Starmer as the UK’s 58th prime minister, ending 14 years of Conservative Party rule. The king will swear him in later today (Friday).

5 July, 2024
Strong French voter turnout with Le Pen’s party in the lead

Last month, we wrote that French President Emmanuel Macron was taking a gamble after the European Parliament elections by calling a snap election at home. Well, the results are in and they don’t look good for his party.

1 July, 2024
The Biden-Trump debate

Did you miss the debate? Good for you.

28 June, 2024
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The four most intriguing lines from the IMF’s World Economic Outlook

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) just dropped its latest World Economic Outlook. Didn’t have time to read all 202 pages? We got you.

18 April, 2024
Janet Yellen’s China trip in five quotes 

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen just wrapped her six-day trip to China after meeting top Chinese officials and US business leaders on the ground there. It’s her second visit to China in less than a year, as part of Washington’s push to keep lines of communication open with Beijing.

9 April, 2024
President Xi’s surprise audience with US CEOs

China’s leader, Xi Jinping, held a last-minute meeting with 20 US business leaders in Beijing yesterday (Wednesday) as part of a broader charm offensive.

28 March, 2024
Japan finally signals end to negative rate policy

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) has announced it’s hiking interest rates from -0.1% to a 0-0.1% range, bringing to an end the world’s last negative rate regime. The move, which was widely expected, is Japan’s first interest rate hike since 2007.

19 March, 2024
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Youtube blocks protest song in Hong Kong after court order

US-based video platform YouTube has geo-blocked a protest song in Hong Kong following a court order.

16 May, 2024
TikTok sues the US government

TikTok and its China-based parent company ByteDance have filed a lawsuit against the US government – it’s an attempt to block a divest-or-ban order that could spell the end of the social media giant’s presence in the US. 

9 May, 2024
Microsoft splashes cash across Southeast Asia

There’s a jolly, bespectacled fellow who flies around the world each year delivering gifts. His name is Satya, he’s the CEO of the world’s most valuable company (Microsoft), and he wraps his Southeast Asia tour today (Thursday).

2 May, 2024
Tesla, BYD and the race for global EV dominance

Not many companies can issue a recall on their latest product, lay off 10% of their workforce, report a 9% drop in revenue, and still somehow ride a 13% bump in share price. But that’s what US EV-maker Tesla has just done.

25 April, 2024