Caught in the middle of US-China competition

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is reportedly preparing to fly to China next week after months of US-China relations hitting repeated new lows.

And a new survey from the Eurasia Group Foundation (covering Singapore, South Korea, and the Philippines) suggests many in the region will be cheering this resumption of dialogue:

  • 💣 90% say they are worried about a US-China confrontation
  • 📉 Most think US-China competition is negative for their country, both in terms of domestic polarisation and national security, and
  • ➕ It’s not a zero-sum game: 31% have positive views of both the US and China, though the US is generally held in higher regard.

Intrigue’s take: This isn’t academic for the region (if anywhere). Just last week, South Korea’s president addressed the impact US-China competition is already having on his country’s huge semiconductor sector.

So it’s not surprising the region would yearn for de-escalation. But that doesn’t mean the region wants a smaller US military presence: more than 80% of respondents think military collaboration with the US is a good thing.

Also worth noting: