Iran and the US are talking low-key

The US has reportedly been conducting secret talks with Iran to restrict the country’s nuclear program and free detained US citizens.

The talks, aimed at a “political ceasefire”, are a last-ditch attempt at nuclear diplomacy after formal negotiations collapsed last year.

If agreed, Iran will:

  • not enrich uranium beyond 60% purity (90% is weapons-grade)
  • not sell ballistic missiles to Russia, and
  • return to cooperation with the international nuclear watchdog.

In exchange, the US is basically promising not to ramp up pressure on Iran any further.

Intrigue’s take: This all effectively amounts to a nuclear pinky promise. So then what’s the big deal?

  1. The US and Iran are still talking, despite decades without formal ties, and after countless failed talks, and
  2. Iran’s rapid nuclear development could still be halted, after years of spooking its neighbours and the broader international community.

Also worth noting:

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