John Fowler

Former diplomat in Beijing and Shanghai. Mandarin speaker. Helen constantly says my jokes are ‘drier than dust’, but she’ll have to do better than that to stop me.


You can trust me

I’m a former Australian diplomat, and I spent 4+ of my almost 10 years in the foreign service living and working in China, figuring out how their political and economic systems work or, as is sometimes the case, don’t. Before joining the foreign service, I was an international lawyer. I have degrees in Law, Economics, and studied an MBA at the London Business School, and I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese.

Why I do this

I co-founded Intrigue Media as the answer to a simple question: What if understanding what’s going on in the world – and why – didn’t have to be boring? Every decision-maker, strategist, aspiring leader and global citizen needs to stay on top of our fast-changing world. My mission is to help you do that and give you a few smiles along the way.

Former diplomat in: