Taylor Gehrcke

Taylor Gehrcke

Former government, non-profit, and media leader known for turning chaos into well-produced events. With plans that have plans and an eye for perfection, there is no better feeling than a well-produced event.


From Michigan to D.C.

My journey started with a degree in Political Science. I’ve worn many hats—from serving as a Presidential Appointee at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to orchestrating events at prestigious venues like the United Nations General Assembly and producing live on-the-records events for media powerhouses like Axios and The Messenger.

You call it an event; I call it a symphony.

I see events as more than just gatherings; they’re like a symphony, each element coming together in perfect harmony. My approach to events is simple: efficient, clear, and thoughtful, always aiming to create moments that ignite transformative perspectives. When I’m not immersed in events, you’ll find me enjoying quiet moments with my husband, surrounded by our growing collection of plants and orchids.