Valentina Calvi

I survived not one, but two university degrees focused on international politics and economics. Exhilarated to be the brains behind our daily newsletter. Library-dweller and proud owner of too many books and not enough shelf space.


Started as an intern, now we’re here

As an avid reader in 2021, when Intrigue was just a weekly Substack, I answered a call for interns. I liked it so much I stayed on as a full-time editor! After studying for my undergrad in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Warwick and a Master’s at St. Andrews – a daily newsletter seemed like a great match for my research and writing skills.

Head of Intrigue’s European Bureau

As the only European (currently) on the team, I’ve appointed myself Head of the European Bureau – population 1. While not busy in these roles, you can find me sipping on some herbal tea, sewing (big fan of the slow fashion movement) and watching any book-to-movie film adaptation I can find.