COP28’s leader lays out his vision

Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, the oil executive and cabinet minister presiding over the UAE’s upcoming COP28 climate summit, shared his plans for the conference last week. Here are some of the key details:

  1. 🌡️ 1.5C: Al Jaber says the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C will be the conference’s “single north star”
  2. ⚡ Energy: He wants concrete plans to double energy efficiency and hydrogen production, and triple renewable energy capacity, and
  3. 🏦 Climate finance: Al Jaber wants rich countries to deliver on their long-standing climate funding pledges to poorer nations.

Intrigue’s take: The UAE’s decision to name an oil executive like Al Jaber as its COP28 president attracted criticism at the time. But in words at least, it seems he’s leaning into the role. And we’ll find out in November/December how much of the world is willing to follow his lead.

Also worth noting:

  • Al Jaber also called for the “inevitable and essential […] phase down of fossil fuels.”
  • Some climate groups described Al Jaber’s vision as “incoherent” and “confusing”.
  • The UAE set stricter emissions reduction targets earlier this year, aiming for a 40% cut by 2030 (up from 31%).
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