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International Intrigue is the result of two former diplomats who can’t bear to slog through unintelligible foreign policy articles, soft power theories, or arcane details of trade policy any longer.

What you get for free (for now 😉)

We help you make sense of an increasingly volatile world with our clear, irreverent, and concise takes on important global issues we think you might want to know about.

You don’t need to know anything about foreign affairs or geopolitics, but you will need a (forgiving) sense of humour!

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About Us!

Helen Zhang

I'm a legacy of China's one-child policy (we turned out super well-adjusted), and grew up in Sydney to Chinese+Balinese parents who emigrated to Australia as teachers. I spent my 20s studying Law and Asian Studies degrees at the ANU, before a stint as a lawyer in Beijing.

My career highlights have been working in Israel, where I analysed Middle East geopolitics and economics, and later in Hong Kong, where I covered political and economic issues.

I'm a current Googler, recent MPA graduate of Harvard Kennedy School, and most importantly, dog-mum to @WyoWayne.

Feel free to reach out!

P.S. What I've written on International Intrigue are my own views, which don't represent my employer's views or opinions.

John Fowler

And I'm the legacy of my parents' one-child policy (I also turned out super well adjusted; though adjusted to what one may reasonably ask). Disillusioned with commercial law I turned to very uncommercial international maritime law in the Australian Foreign Service.

The highlight of my career was spending 4 years in China covering economic, political and business issues from Shanghai. But that was enough government work for me, so now you'll find me completing my MBA at the London Business School. I have grand visions of growing up to be a [update as appropriate].

I grew up in Queensland, the Texas of Australia and just can't shake a love of beer, sport, and country music.

Feel free to reach out!